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What is a Braai?

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What is a Braai? (BBQ)

To have a braai is not just a means of cooking food, it is a social gathering. it is when your friends/ family/ neighbours come over to sit around a fire and chat. you can either invite them over and provide all the meat, or you can call for a 'bring-and-braai' which means that every person will bring their own meat/ drinks and salad. in this case you have all the fun without having too fork out the money or work yourself silly to prepare them all. Add paper plates and throw-away cutlery to the event and you don't have to do a thing... Except sit back relax and enjoy yourself!

More than just great food...

Lighting the fire normally involves smoke... and depending on your wood, a lot of it! This means that your clothes and hair will definitely smell like 'braai' the next day... deal with it! 

Traditionally, the men tend to gather around the fire, it's a 'man thing' while the women chatter and sip away happily and the kids are running riot in the garden. At one stage, the main 'braaier' will decide the coals are ready for the meat to go on. You can braai just about anything on an open fire - chicken, steak, pork, sausage, bread, fish, vegan patties, veggies... the list is endless.

What can I cook on a Braai

At the end of the braai, you would normally end up sitting and watching the fire, also referred to as a 'bush telly' with everyone knowing everything about everyone else, the kids are tired, some guests might be a little worse-for-wear, you have probably solved the world's problems, made some more dates to get together and you have had a great time! 

Are you ready for a braai... anytime... anywhere??

The art of a good Braai

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