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About Gear & Go

Our Story

Team Gear and Go are two families with a passion for the outdoors! We camp and explore the world together.
Our aim when we started G&G was to pass on our knowledge by providing tools to make your camping, off-roading or general outdoors experience easier and better!

The Gang

Drive - Eat -Sleep

Herman and Nicolette

Roger and Sam

Co Founders of Gear & Go - Herman & Nicolette

We have known each other since we were 5 years old and originally hail from the Western Cape in South Africa.
We have been part of the 4x4 and overlanding scene since we purchased our first Land Cruiser 80 series in 1997. We often travelled the vast Southern Africa off road landscape and have been avid users of quality overlanding equipment.

Co Founders of Gear & Go - Roger & Sam

Travelling is something we have always loved. For Roger it was all about going off-grid into the wilderness of Canada, for Sam it was the Mountaints in particular the lake district and the Scottish Highlands and it was there that we met. Our first off-roading vehicle was a Defender 90, closely followed by a highly uprated 110, neither of which quite did what we needed, next came the discovery 4, excellent but lots to go wrong.. the final upgrade is our kitted out Land Cruiser 100!

Off Roading in Wales - Fick Vehicle

Herman has an extreme love for outdoor cooking and this has been an ongoing pattern throughout our lives, with him owning more than 30 BBQ's at one stage!! We BBQ, or 'braai' as it is known in South Africa, nearly every night- come rain, snow or shine!

Our love for BBQ'ing does not stop, whether we are on a barge, overlanding, camping or at home. We frequently travel with our portable BBQ and a bag of charcoal in our luggage!

Gear and Go now allows us to share our passion for overlanding and quality equipment with you. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the memories made around a fire, at home or away just as much as we do. 

Off Roading in the Lake District - Davis Vehicle

We love a challenge and our travels provide us with an opportunity to explore and meet new friends. At home in the West Country we love entertaining and the BBQ is never far away, be it in the Summer or Christmas!

For us Gear and Go is very much an opportunity to share our enthusiasm for the outdoors, share experiences with like minded people and make everything easier and better along the way.

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