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Gear and Go Double Swag



The 2023 modifications of the extremely popular swag includes:

  • Eyelets on the outer corners of the door flaps and 2 additional poles allowing one of the sides to be opened and secured to provide a little 'awning'
  • The corners of the base are no longer stiched but are now heat sealed ensuring a complete 'bucket like' sealed floor.
  • The bag is made from the same strong durable, waterproof fabric as the tent itself.


The swag boasts a massive sleeping area, certainly one of the largest available in the UK market at 2100mm Length, 1550mm Width and almost 1000mm High. The superbly comfortable mattress is an open cell foam mattress that is 50mm thick and even comfy on stony ground.


These Swags are superbly easy to use with freestanding quick attach pole loops, making it fast to set up and take down. These tents are versatile and can be used for off-roading, fishing, hunting and weekend camping trips.


The outer fabric is 400 gsm Ripstop polycotton canvas and a heavy duty PVC bucket floor offers excellent waterproof properties in ANY conditions!


The end poles are 10.2mm diameter for extra strength and the centre / spreader pole is a tough telescopic alloy design. We have listened to a great deal of feedback with regards to sagging in the extra large swag, and have added an additional centre support to prevent this.


The Swag has a large openings on both sides of the tent, with outer door and inner mesh anti-bug lining, allowing for plenty of room to get in and out without struggling through a small doorway. There are large storm flaps and vents located at the top and bottom, giving protection and ventilation whatever the weather.


The swag comes with a water resistant bag, made from the same sturdy fabric as the tent itself, it is plenty large enough to roll up the Swag with the mattress inside.


We also have an upgrade bag available which is made from waterproof fabric and is large enough to also hold additional bedding and pillows.



Weight : 16 kg

Boxed:    850mm x 350mm x 330mm

In Bag:    1500mm x 400mm x 400mm


UK Shipping included in the price – please request a quote for international shipping.

Deluxe Double Swag

  • Swag Seasoning Instructions

    STEP 1

    • Set up your swag as if you were going on a camping trip
    • Remove mattress
    • Ensure all windows and doors are closed


    STEP 2

    • Soak the product with a garden hose.  The canvas needs to be saturated so please allow at least 5 minutes of forceful water to achieve this.
    • To help the water penetrate the canvas,  you could use a clean sponge and sponge the water onto the canvas.
    • Once the canvas is totally saturated, leave it in the sun (dry place) to fully dry.


    STEP 3 and 4

    • To ensure that the canvas is fully waterproof, repeat step 2 two more times.



    • This process causes the canvas to contract and expand multiple times, subsequently the canvas would have closed up any holes caused by the stitching process resulting in the product being more water resistant.




    • There are 3 sets of lock-in poles, the 2 long ones for the outside ends and the shorter one for the inside middle support.
    • As the swag is new, and the stitching still tight, the easiest way to insert the middle support, is to sit inside the swag and pull the tab towards the mattress, creating and angle.  That makes it a little bit easier to insert the support pole.  This holder will stretch with time which will make it easier.


    Please do not hesitate to contact us via our website for any questions or clarifications.


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